Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The world of men ...

Once there was a phallic fountain,
that people would ignore in the rain.
When the weather is hot,
people sit at this spot,
giggling at this symbol of men.


  1. There was a young sculptress named Alice
    Who erected her work at the Palace.
    "But what does it mean?"
    Asked the curious Queen.
    She replied "Can't you see it's a cucumber?"

  2. The sculptor of this piece is a genius
    When we saw it you should have seen us
    We just had to sniggle
    Laugh cry and giggle
    As it looked like an erect... something we had seen before but couldn't put our finger on what it was

  3. Alice's next work was finer
    It was bought for the deck of a liner
    The captain said "Miss -
    Whose responsible this?
    It looks a bit like a porthole."

  4. Alice sculpts figures from rocks
    In her studio down by the docks
    But try as she might
    She can't get it right
    They always turn out just like viennas.