Sunday, July 11, 2010

Amazing octopus ..

Isn't Paul amazing?
Spain is actually winning,
from a game thats quite crazy,
loads of cards and not so breezy,
and now no more football evening ..

well, not world cup one .. and yes im superstitious :P


  1. Pauls predictions for Euros would be great
    But if he doesn't do this we'll have to wait
    Four years until
    The world cup in Brazil
    Which for his fans might seem terribly late

  2. By the time i hope that,
    the octopus lady Paul had met to 'chitchat'
    would habe been delivered some juniors,
    with the qualities of their seniors,
    cute like the mum and at prediction as great as the dad :p

  3. Some juniors into the mix
    Would be good if I could have just six
    Each one could then dine
    From boxes numbered 1 to 49
    So I'll win the lottery with their fine picks

  4. Now that Paul's future is clearer
    The prospect of children is nearer
    At the after-game party
    Paul was seen leaving early
    I think he went home with Shakira...

  5. LOL @ mc

    Your idea is really brilliant,
    why haven't i thought of it in an instant.
    altho there might be some problems,
    some would think those juniors are victims,
    of forced-labor to infants

  6. @ Sci-Fi .. Shakira & Paul ... lol!!

    So the gossip was right,
    to shakira Paul did plight.
    When that news shall break,
    many of his groupies would ache,
    from a bad bad broken heart.

  7. Little groupie do not be alarmed
    Your love may still be in demand
    Though Shakira is swell
    I can hug you as well
    That's the benefit of having eight arms :P

  8. If Paul ever got a game wrong he'd be fired
    So its a good idea that he has now retired
    So he quit while ahead
    And rest on the sea bed
    After all this excitement he'd be tired

  9. So Paul has retired,
    for what he did he should be admired.
    Maybe he has gone to swoon,
    wt some handful little groupies on a honeymoon,
    wonder if they would make him too tired

  10. Where do octopodes go for a honeymoon?
    Maybe Paul will show us quite soon
    If it were me
    It'd be the south china sea
    Or a lovely fresh clear blue lagoon

  11. Your predictions have come to an end
    Leaving heartbreak and tears to descend
    Your epitaph might be
    "A brief life burns brightly"
    So farewell my eight-legged friend.