Friday, July 16, 2010

Cider, please ...

When you have just turned down an exciting offer,
didn't you keep thinking of it over and over,
didn't you just couldnt help to think,
if you just let the chance of a lifetime sinked,
and started to look for some glasses of cider.

.. i'd  drink for all offers that are offered in a wrong time ... Cheers!!


  1. According to "Many Worlds Theory"
    In parallel lives we choose differently
    While in one Universe
    Things may turn out worse
    I hope in this one your choices end happily ;)

  2. I wish i was living in fiction,
    where i could choose my mission,
    i'd be the super duper hero,
    faultless even if a bit slow,
    my luck my life would be perfection.

    (written in my brain-dead moment wt the help of my limerick guru :D )

  3. In a parallel world I would be
    A whore with breasts double D
    Id jiggle them about
    Give my chin a clout
    And charge pervy men quite a fee

  4. Your superhero would be the mightiest
    at defusing poetic devices
    whenever I ask you
    you'd come to my rescue
    and solve all my limerick crises

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