Thursday, July 15, 2010

Talking about weather ...*

Last night was stormy,
looked like the sky was angry.
There were lightning and thunder,
you'd wish you had a bunker,
but today's weather is yummie ...

*i start limericking about weather .. my blogging has reached a worrying state ... yawn ...


  1. Don't be worried as...

    A weather limerick can be ok(ish)
    In fact yours is quite swish
    If you talk about rain
    Again and again
    you will end up turning English

    On 2nd thoughts be worried!

  2. lol

    If i had the choice,
    to choose what i would rejoice,
    i would say i prefer rain and rain,
    than a day's drying heat that gives me migrain,
    and i love the smell of the ground that's moist.

  3. Do you also write limericks in German?
    I bet they'd be full of drang sturm und
    But I'd have to translate
    To truly appreciate
    So to Google Translate I'd be turnin'...

  4. Es war mal 'nen Blog-Gast aus London,
    er machte immer so 'ne Aktion,
    mal machte er einen Scherz,
    da lachte man im Herz,
    mal spielte er auch mit google-translation.

  5. :)))))))

    I thought you'd be interested to know
    I gave Google Translate a go
    I think this translation
    Deserves a citation
    The results are reproduced below:

    "It was time 'nen blog visitor from London,
    He was always so 'ne action
    times he made a joke,
    because you laughed in the heart,
    sometimes he played with google-translation."