Sunday, July 25, 2010

The joyful bray ...

Do what you can today,
dont wait 'til tomorrow they say.
If only i had  listened to that,
this sunday I wouldn't have to work like mad,
but then i'd miss the joy of a deadline's bray.


  1. Always listen to the rabbit...

  2. If you are asked to do something by someone,
    You can start early which is often less fun,
    Work immediately and you'll get tired,
    And the thing may no longer be required,
    And it would annoy you if you'd got this thing done.

  3. When deadlines approach, fear seizes
    Your heart beats and you're going to pieces
    You can do a last push
    With adrenaline rush
    Or just tell 'em the dog ate your thesis!

  4. do what you can today
    without waiting until next may
    or when winter does freeze
    in anguish you'll sneeze
    unless you live by a tropical beach at the bay

  5. thanks to mc, Donald, Scifi, CBosco ..

    Now i'm deadline-free,
    up to a certain degree.
    Goodbye adrenaline rush ...
    .. well, maybe see you when anyhow i blush.
    But for now i'd just enjoy my tea.