Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh, No, It's Italy !

Oh my - what did I see,
like a re-match Bayern vs Chelsea,
only this time around,
no Drogba on the ground,
and good ol' Buffon is still so bouncy!

..  now that was a shamelessly really cool penalty, Pirlo!

"England wäre mir lieber." -Philipp Lahm's Wunschgegner -
 jao .. leider leider so! Viel Glück am Donnerstag, jungs ..

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Oracle Idol ...

Sources of pictures: Paul, Yvonne, Xaver

  As the master left this world,
the oracle world swirled,
searching for the next star,
a talent so bizarre,
making the betting-world twirled.

The two who make the race,
it's a battle face to face,
Yvonne - the butchery-escapee,
and Xaver - who can snore like a bee,
which one can really take the master's place?

Yay for Xaver !!!! Wuf ya, Xaver  xoxoxo