Monday, July 12, 2010

On a lazy warm (Mon)day ...

On a lazy warm Monday,
wouldnt you just want to lie in a hammock and sway,
under big trees where it's shadowy,
instead of  working behind the desk so lazey,
waiting for the time to fly away.


  1. We should feel the warm sun on our faces
    And pour some champagne in our glasses
    Then we'd quietly sit
    And watch the sun set
    But instead I'm still at work writing boring reports.

  2. How i have to agree with you,
    to my work today wished i could say adieu.
    Although i do tend to be cautious,
    of the sun when it's 36 celcius,
    but champagne and sunset - oh what a view!

  3. Lazy Wet Tuesday :-)

    It was a Toy Town tuesday full of rain,
    As I was due to pop out it was a pain,
    I find it more fun,
    When there is sun,
    Tomorrow I hope it will return yet again.

  4. @mc

    for a lazy day you're quite creative,
    maybe the wetness making you more active,
    as for the weather here where,
    the sun does heavily glare,
    it makes me feel so restive.