Sunday, August 1, 2010

That one damn piece of the jigsaw puzzle ...

Once there was a saying,
that a soul is about pieces of puzzles assembling.
And if you missed one piece,
you wouldn't be at peace,
until you'd  found that piece missing.

So searching and searching you would be,
maybe you'd even go oversea,
for that one damn piece,
your soul couldn't afford to miss,
'cause it made you restless just like me.


  1. That's a beautiful limerick I'm definitely going to visit this site again count me in as a new follower.

  2. @ Andrew: thanks :) Hope you enjoy your visit :)

  3. People do have this obsession with missing pieces in their life. I think it's a delusion. I think they're a perfect whole as they are.

  4. Wish you luck with your quest so Quixotic
    And your travels to places exotic
    And perhaps on your way
    You might pass through the UK
    I'll keep a look out for your soul in case I spot it...

  5. @ nothingprofound: you're probably right :) However it gives something that might be fun to do in life as well, me think ..

  6. @scifi :

    Thank you for the good wish,
    as the quest probably a bit trickish,
    so good wishes could be handy,
    specially from a buddy,
    who's on my way might get me some beer and a dish