Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sorry i had to eat your chocolate ...

They said there's one thing that might-
bring your mood to light.
In your mouth it would melt,
and send you the joy so heartfelt.
Oh, how i really need chocolate tonight ..

Sorry, my friend .. but the only chocolate i have now is your (anyway late) birthday present ...


  1. The secret of parenting's out
    To be stricter than strict without doubt
    You must mean what you say
    And should never give way:
    "Eat your chocolate! or no Brussels sprouts."

  2. My comment I will gladly leave
    Because I really believe
    A heartfelt response
    Even left just once
    A limerick is not so hard to achieve


  3. Wished my mum also shared that chocolate-parenting,
    but instead she let me eat cake sugary icing,
    which was actually fantastic,
    just as good as scifi's and Barry's limerick,
    and all that have got me smiling.

    Thanks for the comments :)