Thursday, August 12, 2010

Inception kicks butt !!

Once in the year 2010,
there was a film you'd love to see again and again.
Visuals and actions were captivating,
built on layers of plot that was mesmerizing,
the scenario would roll your mind even after the end.

.. and Tom Hardy was hoooottt :) ~


  1. There's a film that I thought was fantastic
    About terrorists that weren't at all slick
    Four Lions was at times insane
    I'd watch it again and again
    And of the films I have seen this year it is pick

    (not seen Inception tho!)

  2. id really love to watch that one too
    as im not in uk - so that's an issue,
    but good news is about,
    dvd will soon be out,
    so soon i shall laugh as much as you do