Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Someday Venice ...

My friend Jenny used to say,
being alone in the most romantic city is a "no way",
and that a gondola ride should be for two,
strolling  through the city should be too,
unless you love to snuggle lamppost along the way.

Today I would say,
send me to Venice alone any day,
I'd be happy to stroll through the city,
even only to hold hands with Wolfie,
and gondola for six is cheaper to pay.

... i think gondola ride is overrated anyway ...
but someday in Venice... you'll see me and Wolfie!


  1. My Granny was well travelled they say,
    And she gave me this advice after being away,
    That the best city she saw,
    And would never ignore,
    Was venice where she enjoyed every day.

  2. But why be in Venice solo
    When I'll happily share your gondolo?
    The wonders Venetian
    will inspire limerick completion
    While we sip our ice cold coca-colo.