Friday, November 26, 2010

Exam ad nauseam ...

Things I hate about learning for exam,
one is having my brain works ad nauseam,
two is having no fun for less sleep,
three: everything turns to temptations that sweetly sweep,
four: all in mind just mixed and crazily swam.


 if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: and why cannot my will be ever done?


  1. But the feeling after the last one is done,
    Is a pleasure thats second to none,
    And after all that pain,
    You'll feel ecstatic again,
    And be ready to have days full of fun.

  2. I never let exams make me ill,
    And I never worry about things still,
    But getting out of bed,
    Is what worries my head,
    Apart from that I'd say "just chill"

  3. Ok...I can't do the whole Limerick thing,
    but let me just say, i totally get your whinging!
    Exams suck a lot,
    I'd rather smoke pot,
    Haha! Exams no more, I don't miss the cringing!

    Seriously though...I've never written a do they work?
    ps. Thanks for posting the Neruda poem on the Blogcatalog discussion. Loved it!