Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Ides of March .. (Why I love dogs...)

Thought i'd watch Mr. Clooney,
give my eyes sweet-treat like honey,
but i walked out the movie,
feeling not really  groovy,
an insight was right on the money.

That at the end of the day,
i had to listen to myself when i say,
it's all about individual interests,
friendship - loyalty - whatever you think dearest,
matter naught when interests come to play.

Well, Ryan Gosling was the real feast for the eyes there :))

There's hardly friendship (with human, anyway) just for the sake of it 
without personal interests. 
For human, without  personal interest  being served - everything is  disposable.
Human is just that egoistical inglorious bast****.

Das mir mein Hund das Liebste sei, 
sagst du oh Mensch sei Sünde. 
Mein Hund ist mir im Sturme treu, 
der Mensch nichtmal im Winde.
(That my dog is the dearest to me,
you say oh human, is sin.
My dog stays faithfuly in the storm,
men not even in the wind.
-Franz von Assisi-

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